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Welcome to Badboy!

Badboy is an application which makes testing and building Web applications easier by combining a capture/replay style testing tool with live diagnostics on the activities your browser is performing while you navigate your site.
  • If you have a development background then you are probably used to using a debugger to step through your code and see what is happening inside. You can think of Badboy as a debugger for your browser. Read about all the great features for developers!
  • If you do testing or Quality Assurance work then you can use Badboy as a powerful test automation tool to help you record and play back tests of your web site or application.

If you are new to Badboy, why not take the tutorial? Select "Help" and then "Tutorial" from the menu to get started!   Or, read on to find out more about what Badboy does!

Basic Operation

Automating Your Scripts

Using Data Sources

Learn About Badboy's Developer Features

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