Basic Operation

Badboy works by monitoring the activity of Internet Explorer as you browse, and recording interesting events so that you can see them later and, if you wish, replay them.


Recording can be turned on and off. You can tell if Badboy is recording by looking at the title bar of the window.

When you press the Play button, recording is automatically turned off. After the play finishes, you can turn recording on again by clicking on the red record button on the toolbar.

While recording, you should let each request completely finish loading before interacting with the browser again. This is important because if you generate a new request while a previous one is still loading, the new request may be treated as a sub frame or other non-recorded result of the first request.

Creating Suites, Tests and Steps

When working with a web site it is often useful to break up a sequence of browser interactions into logical steps. For example, you might like to have your first step as “Login to Yahoo Mail”, and your second step as “Navigate to my Inbox”, and the final step as “Send a message to my mother”. Each of these steps might contain more than one interaction with the browser. In Badboy, you can create "Steps" to reflect this by clicking on the New Step button on the toolbar.

If you want to organize your Script even more, you can create Suites and Tests to place your Steps into. But if you don't want to you don't have to - you can just create Steps with the New Step button if you like. See Suites, Tests and Templates for more information about organizing your Script with Suites and Tests.

When you replay a script, Badboy will automatically stop at each step so you can review the screen. If you push Play again, the script will continue from the next step. If you want to play your whole script without stopping, use the "double" play button instead, which will play your whole script from beginning to end.

The Script Tree

The Script tree is displayed in the left hand pane of the main window. It displays all the requests that you have recorded, arranged into the steps that you create while recording, along with any other items you have added to your script.

You can customize the items in the tree by double clicking on them.


You can replay a sequence you have recorded at any time by clicking on the Play button. If you want to play one Step at a time, use the Play Request button, shown below. There are also stop and rewind buttons to stop a currently playing script and rewind to a previous step respectively. If you want to play your whole script without stopping anywhere, use the "double" play button.

What else can Badboy do?

We've hardly scratched the surface here of all the things that Badboy can do. To learn more, try the following sections

  • See Automating Your Scripts to find out more about customizing Badboy's playback.
  • See Variables and Looping to see how to use Variables to create loops and sophisticated playback patterns.
  • See Assertions to find out how make Badboy automatically check your website for errors.

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