Badboy GUI Command Line Reference

If you wish, you can run the full graphical version of Badboy from the command line (for example, from a command prompt or in a batch script). To do this, just put the Badboy install directory into your system's PATH environment variable. Then you can run badboy as:


If you want to open a script called "" then you can give it as an argument:


There are a number of options that you can use to load and run scripts in different ways from the command line.

Command Line Flag Description
/play Starts the script playing after opening the document.
/playAll Plays the entire after opening the document, without stopping at Steps.
/autoExit Causes Badboy to automatically quit when it reaches the end of the script.
/D <name>=<value>

Defines a variable for the script to use. Example:

badboy /D foo=bar

/nosplash Prevents the splash screen from being shown on startup.

Using these options you can create automated Badboy scripts that can run as part of larger batch processes on your computer, or abbreviate running certain scripts by creating shortcuts on your desktop to run them.

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