Viewing Results

When you play your script back Badboy records statistics about each page for you so that you can monitor the progress and review what happened later on. Badboy makes it possible to quickly see this information for any item in your script via the Summary View.

Summary View

The Summary View is the tabbed view that displays by default in the bottom left of your main Badboy window. The figure below shows how it looks:


The following table explains the numbers that are shown in the summary:

Statistic Description
Played The number of script items that played and returned a response
Succeeded The number of script items that played and returned a successful response
Failed The number of script items that played and returned an error response
Assertions The number of assertions that have failed. (see Assertions)
Warnings The number of Warnings generated. Warnings are problems that occur while playing which don't prevent playback but may indicate problems with your script or your web site. For example, if a page experiences JavaScript errors, or if a Form Populator executes but cannot find the specified form then warnings will be recorded as part of the response for the item.
Timeouts The number of Timeouts that have occurred (see Timeouts)
Avg Time (ms) The average time in milliseconds for items that played and received a response..
Max Time (ms) The maximum time for any individual recorded response.

The Summary Hierarchy

Summaries are hierarchical - that is, each summary is actually a summary of it's children. When you select an item the Script Tree, Badboy displays the summary for that particular item in the Summary View. If you expand the item in the Script Tree and select its children then you can view the breakdown of that summary for each of it's children.

Adding Information to Summary View

If you like you can add your own documentation or notes to the information displayed in the Summary View. This can be a convenient way to explain what your script is doing. To do this, select the item in your script with the mouse and press "Ctrl-Shift-d".

Generating Reports

If you want a summary of your whole script in one page, you can generate an HTML Report. This is easy to do by selecting "View" and then "Report" from Badboy's menu. You can customize this report if you like - see Generating Reports.

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