Viewing and Understanding Thread Results

Accessing Thread Data

After you have run a load test the next step is to analyze the data and look for potential problem areas that may not be performing sufficiently well. There are several different ways to analyze the data from a Badboy load test:

Viewing Response Time Graphs

A key element of load testing is visually tracking the results so that you can easily identify problematic areas of your applicaton. Badboy makes it easy to see at a glance the performance of all the items inside a Thread Item by viewing them in the Graph View, which is normally available as a tab next to the Summary View in the lower left hand corner of the Badboy window.

To see thread results in Graph View, just select the Graph tab in Badboy and then click on the Thread Item that you would like to see results for in the Script Tree. The Graph View will then show you a graph displaying the average response time for each item in the Thread Item at periodic intervals over the time the Thread Item has been running. This graph shows running time (time since the test began in seconds or minutes) along the bottom (X) axis and the average response time for various items along the vertical (Y) axis. The average response times are values that are calculated at regular intervals during the test based on the responses received during those intervals.

The response time graph is updated "live" as your test runs so you can track how your threads are performing in "real time" by watching this graph.

The following picture shows how Graph View appears:

Saving Response Time Graphs

If you would like to save a copy of the graph, for example, to display in the HTML Report for the test, add a Screen Shot item from the toolbox to your script so that it executes after the Thread Item has finished. You can then configure the Screen Shot item to capture a Response Time Graph, and if you enter the id of the Thread Item as the item to capture the response graph for then Badboy will capture an image of the thread results for display in your report.

The following picture shows an example of how to create a script that automatically captures a snapshot of the response time graph for a Thread Item:

Saving Raw Response Time Data

If you wish you can download all the raw response times received for items in your script. To do this, open the File menu and select the option "Export Response Times". This will let you save the response times for all the items in your script in CSV format, allowing you to further analyze them in a spreadsheet program or other analytical tool.

Saving Time Average Data

In addition to saving the raw thread data you can also save time averages of the data. Rather than containing an entry for every response to every item, this report instead contains the average response time for each item at regular intervals of the test. This allows you to easily plot how the average time responded to various conditions changing in your test.

To save Time Average data, right click on the Thread Item and choose "Save Data".

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